About Sarah Perlis

Sarah first sat down at a jewelry bench when she was seventeen years old and instantly fell in love with the ancient craft of goldsmithing. Twenty years later, she still feels the same magic and passion as she did then. Ever since, Sarah has been designing jewelry out of the same Lower East Side studio in New York City, and has continuously strived to infuse her work with a loving, joyful spirit - “I want people to enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoy creating it.”

Her pieces are inspired by the cultural and environmental backdrop of New York City and its relationship to sometimes incomparable wide open sacred spaces, such as the desert of Joshua Tree in California and the wild woods of Vermont.

Blending her love for such different places, Sarah aims to create jewelry that empowers its wearer regardless of where they find themselves- “I want my work to be worn no matter what- hiking in the mountains, riding the subway, or dressing up. I see my pieces as being timeless, from the sapphire and emerald pendants worn by my nine year old nieces to the diamond pendant worn by their grandmother.”

Each piece in Sarah’s collection is handmade to order, and features a range of 18 and 22 karat gold often sprinkled with diamonds and organic gemstones that are all hand selected with purpose and intention for each of our clients and designs. She takes great pleasure in working closely with her customers to co-create jewels for any and all occasions.