On the morning of our fifth wedding anniversary my wife surprised me with a promise: I was going to meet with and design a ring with Sarah Perlis. Sarah and I met on a warm summer day near her garden, everything about the experience was perfect. Neither my wife nor I have any family heirlooms to speak of and we wanted to create something that would be timeless and could be passed down in our family. Sarah saw and honored that desire. We built a ring that was beautiful, actually not just beautiful but perfect. It felt warm and from the earth - very much like an extension of me and my wife. I wear it every single day - without hesitation it’s with me in the garden, chopping wood, swimming, tending our goats. When it catches the light and casts little rainbows across the wall I feel sweetly held in my marriage. And the boundless love that Sarah has for her community, her craft, and her clients is an essential part of that story. She radiates love and somehow captures a little bit of it in metal and stone for us.


Sarah crafted me an engagement ring for my long time dearest soulmate to give me as we decided to ask our beloved friends and family to celebrate and witness our Love in sacred union. I met with Sarah on a gorgeous windy Fall day at her home and we dreamed up the custom ring. I knew I wanted rubies and gold and for it to be sparkly but not big. The result is a gold band studded with tiny rubies - I think it’s called Pave style- with a stunning bright pink ruby oval in the center! When I opened the beautifully wrapped treasure it sparkled and resonated in perfect harmony with our “love journey" and was more stunning than I ever could have imagined! It is a timeless heirloom and never leaves my finger.

Sylvia & Per

Sarah is a one-of-a-kind artist. We could not be happier with the wedding rings she made for us, nor with the intuitive, inspired, collaborative process she led in creating them. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted when we began the conversation with her. Sylvia had inherited a few small diamonds from her grandmother that we hoped to incorporate into the ring. Over the course of a few conversations, Sarah came up with a vision that not only beautifully incorporated the stones but weaved them into a breathtaking new creation. With Per’s ring, Sarah let him try on different options for inspiration and listened carefully to his preferences. The result is that we have two rings that give us delight to wear each day, and that beautifully capture our spirit as a couple.


Manuela & Dahsan

We couldn’t be more deeply grateful for or connected to our beautiful wedding bands! Knowing that they were created and infused with such presence, love and intention by Sarah has made them even more special, and they really feel like a sacred and intimate expression of our commitment to each other. Having Sarah support us throughout the process, and now having a piece of her craft on our hands each day is a true gift, and we feel so lucky. Thank you, Sarah!


Liz & Dani

After 10 years wearing lovely little bands that were not standing the test of time, we sought out Sarah Perlis. Sarah remade our wedding rings into the best, most beautiful version we could have imagined, while retaining the original sweetness. They are light and radiant and we feel like we've had them forever. Wish we had known Sarah years ago! Thank you!