Sarah Perlis I am in awe of the healing power of adornment. When I was seventeen, I was guided to the jewelry bench by a family friend. From the moment I sat at the bench, it felt as if I had been making jewelry for lifetimes. Time became amorphous and limitless, as it does when we are able to get swept up in a dance with creativity. Years later, I am still gratefully in this dance, and love where it continues to guide me.

Working with clients to create custom pieces is pure magic. Jewelry is so personal and it's beautiful to see people have a heart connection with just the right stone for them or a loved one. I am grateful to create to these wearable symbols of love. I take great care and attention to only use recycled high karat gold and consciously mined stones. I'm intentional about making my footprint on our earth as minimal as possible.

I believe that nature is our greatest teacher, and that we too are nature. I feel that one of the greatest teachings of nature is beauty, and I see this manifested through the gems and metals our mother earth gifts us. I love making talismans for everyday wear, channeling the radiance of mama earth and her healing powers. We can wear nature as a reminder of who we truly are--luminous, unique sparkling gems! 

When not at my bench I am loving up my family, musing over the perfection of a flower, diving deeper into the ancient world of Ayurveda, hiking and giggling with friends, or just sitting quietly with myself trying to remember that we are all one and completely divine.