Most of the jewelry I make is made in high karat gold, which is a soft and buttery metal. It will age beautifully with wear, and take on its own unique patina over time. I recommend taking your rings off when doing intense labor with your hands, such as climbing, woodworking, and such. I am a full believer in wearing your jewelry through all of life's adventures. Personally, I love to see life reflected in the patina on my jewelry. There is something so enchanting about looking down at my dirt-covered hands from the garden with the gold and diamonds poking through.

For cleaning, some warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush can do wonders! It is important to know that opals, emeralds, and pearls are some of the softest stones. These stones can easily crack or lose luster, and they need a bit more tender care and protection. I recommend taking rings off with these stones when doing dishes or using hand lotion, or if you are doing an activity with your hands where your rings might come into contact with something hard or sharp.

I am happy to fix and repair any pieces I have made that might be in need of some loving. Get in touch to discuss details and organize for shipping your piece.