Gorgeous stones wrapped in a pure gold bezel, and strung together on a fine gold chain, intermingled with solid gold beads. Choose birthstones, stones to mark important moments, commitments we want to hold, or rites of passage we want to honor. We think of these as a way to keep our loves, aspirations, and dreams close to our heart.

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To begin, please fill out the form below. Sarah will reach out to discuss your vision for your necklace, your timeline, and budget. She will then hand-pick stones correlating with the events you wish to honor, allowing you to select the stone(s) that most speak to you. Finally, Sarah will wrap each stone in a custom bezel, add spacers, if desired, and present you with your new heirloom.

Stones for each month



Garnets help ground one's imagination and creativity into reality. They are also bringers of joy, prosperity, and playfulness. They help with self worth and are connected to the root and heart chakras.



Amethysts have been known to provoke spiritual opening. They have a sweet energy that helps clear the mind for meditation as well as protect one’s aura. They are connected to the third eye and crown chakra.



Aquamarines are cooling and calming to one's nervous system. They hold the water element and help to keep communication clear and flowing with ease. It is a stone that can empower the wearer to speak their truth with softness. It is connected to the throat chakra.



Diamonds are the enhancers of all things! They are a stone of radiance that helps illuminate our third eye's inner vision. They can help access intuitive divine wisdom. Diamonds also help clear our energies both physically and emotionally. They are connected to the heart, third eye, and crown chakra as well as the ethereal realm. 



Emeralds are pure heart energy. They clear the heart of emotional baggage and bring in a calming lift of nourishment. They help us dwell in the heart space of compassion, kindness, and unconditional love. Emeralds remind us of the divine love that is always around us. They are of course connected to the heart chakra.



Alexandrite offers the gift of holding your hand and bringing you into the realm of joy and the journey into one's individual ecstasy. They are beautiful stones to use to go inward to explore our own gift to the world. It can shine light onto moments that need some uplifting. They are connected to the heart and third eye chakra.


Pearls are connected to the energy of the moon. They have been known to aid in fertility. Pearls are gifts from the sea that remind us all of our own water nature and the freedom to move through life with fluidity. They help with inner wisdom and calming of the mind. Pearls are connected to the third eye chakra.  


Like the full moon, moonstones can heighten our energies, and help open our inner knowledge to our own intuition and keys to our psychic realm. It is the gem of the dream world as well as the divine fiminine. They are magnificent stones to connect one to their high priestess energy!



Rubies are energizing stones that help with vitality, enthusiasm and strength in one's life force. They help bring in courge when needed by stabilizing and grounding our energies. They also represent passion. Rubies are associated to our root chakra.



Peridot are like little spring energizers. They provoke that sweet feeling of early spring, of the positive possibilities that await, bulbs bursting into bloom. They help us to have the courage to act from our heart and help connect us to the fairy realm. Peridot connects us to the healing powers of our mother earth and to remind us of her consistent generous love. They are connected to the solar plexus and heart chakra.



Sapphires have been known to be connected to royalty. They are stones that can be little protective amulets. Blue sapphires enhance mental clarity and clear insight. They can help to communicate with clarity and are connected to the third eye and throat chakra. Yellow sapphires bring prosperity and connect to the solar plexus chakra. Pink sapphires help sooth and bring peace to the heart, and can act like a soft healing balm to our emotions. They are connected to the heart chakra. White sapphires help to clear a mind or to create fresh new rhythms in life. They help us to live in integrity and truth, and  are connected to the third eye chakra. Star sapphires are guides to the spiritual world and help ground divine energy.



During Roman times opals were known to bring good luck. White opals can help connect us to the angelic realm. They support meditation and calmness of the mind. Fire opals help awaken our inner passion. They can help soothe shyness and fear of taking an action, as well as opening one to their creativity.


Tourmalines, especially pink and watermelon tourmalines, are such beautiful heart stones. They provide emotional healing and bring in a sense of ease and joy. They are calming sweet stones that are connected to the heart chakra.



Citrines are the queens of creativity. They help open up our imagination to new possibilities, helping us ground our dreams into reality. Citrines are connected to our root and solar plexus chakras.



Topaz is a stone for communication. If you have a thought or idea that feels too complex to explain, topaz can help clarify what you are trying to communicate. Topaz is connected to the throat chakra.


Turquoise is a stone that helps us to communicate from the truest depths of our soul. They can help release stress and calm our emotional and physical bodies. It can help us tap into our natural loving generosity and kindness. This is a stone of compassion and forgiveness. It helps us to love ourselves and those around us, encouraging understanding and patience. Turquoise is connected to the throat chakra. 

Tanzanite | Tanzanite connects us to the ethereal world. It helps to aid in communication between our hearts and mind. Helping us hear our hearts sweet voice and longings. It helps us hear the sweet music of the stars. Tanzanite is connected to the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra.

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