Sarah Perlis is honored to help clients give new life to family heirlooms. Inheriting a fine piece of jewelry from a loved one is a unique blessing. While some pieces match the aesthetic of their new owner, others do not and they may sit unworn as they are too meaningful and precious to give away or sell. Together with Sarah, you can design a new piece of jewelry that matches your aesthetic and style with the stones from your family heirloom.


During the design consultation, Sarah will learn about you, your heirloom, and your vision for it's new life. Once you have created a vision for the new piece of jewelry, you will mail your jewelry (insured, signature required). Once received, Sarah will begin work updating your heirloom.

Depending on your wishes and the type of metal your herloom was made with, Sarah can return the metal to you along with your new jewelry piece, or have it recycled and credit your project accordingly.

Custom items take 4-6 weeks on average to complete, though we encourage clients to take all the time they need while making decisions to ensure they love the final piece. If you need something sooner please reach out - we can often accommodate rush orders.

Heirloom Inquiry

Thanks so much for your interest in working together on updating your heirloom jewelry! Please fill out the form below and Sarah will be in touch to discuss your project.