Coin Body Chain


There is something so soothing about wearing gold wrapped around your body! This is so fun and comfortable to wear! Chain, coin and clasp are all 18k yellow gold.


We offer our body chains in two sizes - small and medium. Each body chain consists of two loops, joined at the breastbone. The belly loop length is 44" for the small, and 52" for the medium; the neck loop is 22" for both sizes, with the option to reduce to 21". For those with a shorter torso and waist measuring 35" or less, select a small. For those with a longer torso, or waist measuring 36-42", select medium. For a custom size, please reach out.

How to Wear

To wear the body chain, pull the large loop over your head and shoulders to your waist, and rotate the neck loop to your navel. Fasten the neck loop around your neck, to the length desired. And enjoy.