August Birthstones

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August's birthstone is peridot. Peridot are like little spring energizers. They provoke that sweet feeling of early spring, of the positive possibilities that await; bulbs bursting into bloom. They help us to have the courage to act from the heart and help connect us to the fairy realm. Peridot connects us to the healing powers of our mother earth and to remind us of her consistent generous love. They are associated with the solar plexus and heart chakra. Choose between two gold clasp options: handmade (beautiful and functional s hook closure, best for pieces you frequently leave on) and machine-made (teardrop lobster which locks, best for pieces you take on and off frequently).

Here's how to create your birthstone necklace:

1. Select a birth month, then pick your favorite stone(s),

2. Add spacers, if you like (tiny gold beads that provide space between the stones),

3. Add a heart, if you like,

4. Sarah will then create your necklace, stringing your picks on a fine 18k gold chain, finishing with a handmade gold clasp. 

Buy one birthstone or mix and match any number of stones in the Birthstone Collection to reflect the birthdates of your loves. Don't see stones that light you up? Contact Sarah to create a custom necklace.