October Birthstones


October's birthstone is opal.

During Roman times opals were known to bring good luck. White opals can help connect us to the angelic realm. They support meditation and calmness of the mind. Fire opals help awaken our inner passion. They can help soothe shyness and fear of taking an action, as well as opening one to their creativity.

Here's how to create your birthstone necklace:

1. Select a birth month, then pick your favorite stone(s),

2. Add spacers, if you like (tiny gold beads that provide space between the stones),

3. Add a heart, if you like,

4. Sarah will then create your necklace, stringing your picks on a fine 18k gold chain, finishing with a handmade gold clasp. 

Buy one birthstone or mix and match any number of stones in the Birthstone Collection to reflect the birthdates of your loves. Don't see stones that light you up? Contact Sarah to create a custom necklace.